Friday, September 3, 2010


Today I wanted to do a more summery look so I went for stripes (I don't know how that makes it more summery haha). Not much with accessories because it was just so hot but I still think it's a cute outfit regardless.

Went down to drop off my portfolio at school. Hopefully I won't have to take this life drawing class. I'm pretty sure I have a great grasp on human anatomy and I wish not to take it again. D;


Went in downtown Atlanta with my mom for a couple of hours.


A couple of shots today.

My mother.

Their subway.

Inside one of the hotels. I love the lights.

Today was okay. Starting to miss everyone back in Philly but I'll manage. I'm excited for school to start so I can start to observe the people I'll be around. Even though I'll be a bit older than some of them, I'm excited to be gay and make friends haha.


Today's outfit

Although it was technically yesterday that I wore this (I'm a nightowl) I'll post. It was a bit hot today but not bad to wear pants.
Nine West shoes are the best.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh yes.

Just incase you didn't know who I was. Cheers.


Welcome to my blog. There's going to be art, photography, fashion, feelings and random shit so beware.

                                                            I just moved to Atlanta guys.

Haha saw this and had to take a picture of it.

The drive here was killer but I did have a fun time.